Have you been teaching aerial for a couple years and want to take it to the next level?    

Are you creative?  Do you love to teach? Do you enjoy seeing people succeed?  Do you dream about aerial moves and flows? Are you a leader and willing to create community?  If so, Become a Master Trainer!  Contact Zina for details.

Teachers Learning Low Hammock, one of the many styles we train in.

Teachers Learning Low Hammock, one of the many styles we train in.

Learn to Train others to Teach 


  • Submit Application

  • Active and currently Teaching a style of hammock / sling for 200 hours and/or about 2 years, log or proof  required. 

  • Video submission teaching your favorite style  group class at the  level applying for

  • Be physically able to demo poses and exercises for level applying for

  • Must have some other type of fitness certification or extra anatomy relating to movement to understand cueing and safety for alignment

Do you want to train other to become Aerial Fitness Teachers?  Master Trainer or Train the Trainer Level 1 and Level 2 program is OPEN!  

Great Return on Investment

  • Complete system ready to go
  • Add to a growing  community of teachers
  • Live your passion
  • Teach your passion
  • Learn Marketing
  • Learn Business Practices
  • Learn to train vs teach
  • Reach new markets with your sphere of influence
  • Train your own teachers for your studio
  • Supplement your studio's fitness program 
  • Learn to evaluate and provide feedback
  • Learn to train in different styles
  • Use your communication skills
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Be a leader to transform lives including your own.

  • Lead others to encourage
  • Lead others to create community
  • Lead others to set the example 
  • Lead others to professionalism
  • Lead other to learn
  • Lead other to care
  • Step outside and train others to be better than you.  
  • A true teacher wants the best for others.


Zina DiTonno, Founder - Aerial Fitness, Owner - Aerial Fun and Fitness

What are waiting for? LET'S DO THIS!