Hammocks for Sale - Contact or call for package pricing

We offer a foundation guide to make sure you can practice safely at home.

(varies by ceiling height and attachment point used)

These hammock are designed for home ceiling approx 8 feet high, so they are cut a couple of feet shorter to lessen the length of the tail.  Hammock colors in stock can be shipped right away.  Ordering another color that is not on the list or out of stock is approx.5 to 10 days.  If you have higher than 9 ft ceiling cost of hammocks will go up slightly to accommodate for the extra fabric length and / or daisy chain.  All hammock sets are complete and ready to hang. Installation hardware to install at your home, NOT included.  It is recommended to take a few classes or private lessons to learn how to safely set up and use your hammock at home.  We  also offer this as part of your package.

Add $20.00 for shipping out of state.  Also extra 20.00 for special order colors or lengths not listed.   Special orders are prepaid and not returnable in most cases.  Contact us for questions.

Also coming soon online videos to use your hammock safely and/or take a class from home.

Standard colors available. Other trendy colors are available upon request, but sometimes in limited QTY..

These are the versatile double point attachments, Per Hammock, space between attachment points are best spaced  from 16" to 24" apart. Though you can put a hammock anywhere if you have a space about 6ft wide and 8ft front to back - this will make it more versatile with what you can do.

Once you have your hammock, the knots are loose so you can adjust to your ceiling them before you cinch them down.  The purchase and use of aerial hammock is at your own risk. Installation is done at your own risk.  Make sure to inspect your equipment and knotting every couple of months. Some colors of the fabric might fade in sunlight, but this will not effect the strength of the fabric.  

Here are how these hammocks look installed. 

Here are how these hammocks look installed.