Find or Verify a Certified Aerial FITness Instructor / Teacher / Trainer

All Instructors listed here are have completed all requirements and have Approval to Instruct Aerial Fitness B2C (Bridge to Circus) or are finishing there Apprenticeship as notated.  Some also have decided to add continuing education.  Each location separately operated and has their own style and pace that they layer over their training, which is evident in the way their classes flow.  (States listed below with "coming soon"  have apprentice instructors who have completed their training and are in their apprentice status.) 


Wilmington / newark area - Teaching at Aerial Fun and Fitness

  • Zina DiTonno - Owner / Founder / Lead Trainer (All Levels), Lyra Fitness 1 / 2 , Aerial Thai, Bungee Fitness, Apprentice: Silks Level 1

  • Ann Marie Savini Level 1, 2, Bungee Fitness, Apprentice: Level 3, Aerial Thai, Lyra Fitness 1

  • Janice Giannini Level 1, 2, 3, Aerial Thai, Bungee Fitness,

  • Karly Nesson Level 1, 2, 3

  • Sarah Willsey Level 1, 2, Apprentice: Level 3, Silks Level 1

  • Kelsey Hammond Level 1, 2, Bungee Fitness

  • Nicole Phillips Level 1, 2 , Apprentice: Aerial Thai, Level 3

  • Kathleen Taylor Level 1, Apprentice: Aerial Thai

  • Heather Healy Level 1

  • Alison Fasnacht - Level 1 & 2, Bungee Fitness, Hulu Hoop


  • Ericka Thomas Level 1, 2 - Come Fly with Me Aerial Fitness - Current Since 2011


coming soon!

New Jersey



  • Jessica Coyne - Level 1 & 2


  • Autumn Cornell - Level 1 & 2





  • Dawn Myers - Level 1, 2

Currents locations for teacher TRAINING'S


Zina DiTonno, Founder / Lead Trainer for all styles - Aerial Fitness, Owner - Aerial Fun and Fitness Studios,  Click here for date and times.  

Our Masters Trainers hold Aerial Fitness teacher trainings.  This unique style of fitness with a focus on safety and how to teach. Learning the foundations allows for individual layering of styles and background to Aerial Fitness. 


Stacy Hammel, York, PA -  Level 1 Foundations, Level 2 Strength, Master Trainer 

Stacy Hammel has been teaching yoga for over 5 years and practicing for 11 years. She is a certified Vinyasa Yoga and Aerial Yoga teacher. She received her 200hr RYT through Evolution Power Yoga and her Level 1 &2  VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga certification.  As well as 30 hours of Aerial training in New York City. She has trained for numerous hours in, Acro/Partner Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Budokon Yoga. Experienced in teaching classes that range from Gentle to Advanced,. Her classes are accompanied by music and most are all levels, with opportunities for students to challenge themselves in their practice. Stacy teaches from a place of Empowerment, Possibility and Inspiration.  Stacy is currently working on completing her 500 RYT.  “ I teach yoga because I love my students. I love to see the possibilities within them,  and the transformations within their journey. My students inspire me. I aspire to have my students walk out of classes happy, fulfilled, empowered and loved. With a feeling that leaves them inspired to imagine a world full of new possibilities, with an adventurous spirit. ”

Stacy Hammel,  |  717-817-4533

Contact Stacy for dates and times.