It is the time of year!! We are so grateful to be considered to be in some of the top fitness and yoga studio in the area! 

We would love your VOTE for us in 2 categories Yoga and  Group Exercise!!

We would love your VOTE for us in 2 categories Yoga and  Group Exercise!!

View Calendar & Sign Up for Class Newark DE Location

View Calendar & Sign Up for Class Newark DE Location

In a fitness rut?  Try Aerial Fitness a unique fun fitness style (and get some new brain cells as well) using an aerial silk hammock or silk loop to improve core strength, flexibility, and posture.  One hammock many styles - gentle and restorative,  fun and flying, or power and strength. Something for everyone. 


It’s Not Acrobats, 

It’s yoga style fitness!

Aerial Fitness and Aerial Yoga is accessible to all body shapes and sizes.  It uses and integrates floor poses from traditional yoga, Pilates, stretching, and fitness based moves while using a hammock to counteract gravity and create a fun experience.  As a result, this suspension style of exercise combination relieves compression from the neck and spine. Similarly allowing you to stretch and strengthen without over stressing your joints or vertebrae. Ultimately, aerial is a form of therapeutic yoga style exercise, ideal for alleviating back tension and daily stressors.

In a world where technology demands our attention we strain our body and mind, compelled to read every email. Consequently, forgetting to relax from our fast pace lifestyle and unable to manage stress. Even health care professionals, like Dr. Oz, recommends daily yoga style stretching for coping with reality by rejuvenation of the body and mind.

New participants will build trust with sitting in and stretching with the hammock at their own pace. Above all, gravity, poses and a hammock provide; natural deep stretching, proper alignment, gently adding traction effects and inversions without straining joints.  Did we mention the muscle toning side benefit?  Therefore Aerial Yoga and Aerial Fitness allows participants with prior yoga or fitness backgrounds knowledge to quickly become familiar. While, unfamiliar yoga participants or deconditioned individuals will immediately feel these natural benefits. We must admit Aerial Fitness has a playful spin compared to floor yoga or the traditional gym exercises truly providing a fun experience.  If you are tired or bored of the Gym give this a try.

Sign up for a class at Aerial Fun and Fitness Studio established by Zina DiTonno. Her VaihAyasa  based certification Master Trainer and Teacher training was acquired from Delaware’s first aerial studio, Kaya Wellness Center,  located in Rehoboth, DE.  Now, Zina is launching the only hammock style aerial yoga and aerial fitness studio to the surrounding areas of Hockessin, Pike Creek, Wilmington and Newark.  Her studio is located at the Meadowood II Shopping Center on Kirkwood Hwy. Conquer your day!



Aerial Hoop / Lyra  at Newark, DE location - Come try our accessible & safe style. We start low to the ground to learn how the body moves before adding on.  Zina was trained by Born To Fly's, Trainer and Performer, Julianna Hane, so we could offer the high level skill building but in a safe fun way for us non-performing folks who just want to do some cool stuff to stay fit.


Want to know what we are all about? Click below and see us all in action. We have way too much fun being strong.

Join us for the latest fitness fun.  Almost anyone can do this - you can move through stretches, build strength, improve balance, being totally supported.   Engage the world in a new a fun way, yes even build brain cells and strong core. One Hammock. Many Styles. Gentle or flying something for everyone.  Video Production by Julie Elliot.

We were excited to be voted as Winner for Most Happening List Group Yoga and Finalist for Group Exercise.

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