About Bungee Classes

Are you wondering what’s going on here at our NEWARK Studio? Have you seen this exercise on social media before? Well this is bungee fitness, and it is HERE in Delaware at Aerial Fun and Fitness!

Bungee fitness is accessible to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages offering benefits that you might not expect. By stepping into your harness and attaching yourself to the bungee cords, you are allowing the resistance of the bungees to lessen the impact and pressure on your joints during exercises that are typically higher impact! Do you have difficulty with squats or squat jumps? We would love for you to try them during our bungee fitness classes to get that feeling of weightlessness!

Our bungee fitness classes are currently 30 minutes at a time. Why, do you ask? This is because 15 minutes in the bungee alone can burn up to 400 calories and is similar to an hour at the gym! We are also keeping our classes at 30 minutes to build up your tolerance to the feeling of the harness. It might not be the most comfortable at first, but we promise you’ll get used to it!

Bungee fitness at Aerial Fun and Fitness is the cardio class that our students have been craving! But don’t worry, we are still always working on building up our strength, too. The bungee allows us to address balance, flexibility, and core strength indirectly through all exercises. We also focus on alignment during our exercises so that whether you are in the harness supported by the bungee or out on the gym floor, you are moving with proper alignment to keep you safe!

Our brand new beginners will start with our Bungee INTRO pack - take 3 beginner bungee fitness classes before moving onto level 1. In the first 3 classes, you will learn how to move in your harness in all dimensions and planes. You will move front to back, side to side, and up and down in order to “find your edge” and “test your boundaries” while connected to your bungee cords.  Also this allows the body to adapt to the harness and find your fit with tension and tighness.

We are SO excited to share this new and exciting adventure with all of you! Whether you are a current student or someone who has just heard of us, we hope to see you at Aerial Fun and Fitness to try out our new bungee fitness classes!

How to Sign Up

We only have 4 harnesses, so classes will be prepaid.   1 small (min 30"), 2 medium, 1 large (max 42" hip size).  (See below: You will need to measure below your hip bones, and select a weight range when you come to class. Selecting the wrong weight range in class will put you at risk for injury.)

If the class is full sign up anyway, there is a wait list feature if the class is full (you do not need to pay until a slot opens up), you will be notified you can pay if a slot opens up.   Classes are $25 drop-in, bungee discount packages are also available, look for the BUNGEE items in the shop. 

 Life happens if you let us know within 4 hours of class, so we can open the slots up we will be happy to place you in another class. If you are a no-show, we will need to charge you for this reservation - we only have 4 harnesses.

Bungee classes have a 2 person min.  if there is only one person we will contact you to put you in another class or bring a friend or you can pay for 2 for a discounted private class. 

Remember to get your Bungee INTRO pack first for your first 3 classes.

bungee planks - Edited.jpg

What to Wear:

Women: Capri or Leggings, tanks tops ot t-shirt

Men: compression shorts/track pants, tank top or t-shirt

Both: Sticky Socks  (if needed we have them for a nominal charge)

How to measure:

Right below the hip bones (or about 4” below the belly button).  Right now, we can take up to 42".  If you are at 42" measurement please contact us and we can help you.

Weight Limit for bungee - if you over 200 lbs, please contact us.