We are delighted to share our Awards and Nominations:

dela-WHERE 2017 - WINNER Yoga |  Finalist - Group Fitness

dela-WHERE 2016 - WINNER Yoga |  Finalist - Group Fitness

Readers Choice 2016 Nomination  -  Aerial Fun & Fitness and Zina DiTonno for personal training.  (We did not even know we were elected for this to get votes)

Studio Events:

Student Showcase May 2019 - Watch for our FACEBOOK Live event May 3rd at 7pm or you can see each performance online after the showcase.

Bungee Fitness Coming September 2018

New Gymnastics Floors Installed August/Sep 2018 - 

August 2018 -  Delaware Kids 5K  Charity 5 K Run

Open house our 5TH year celebration - May 2018 and mini student showcase - Stay tuned for details!

2017 - Nov 3rd  is our 2nd Annual Student Showcase.  Check out the videos on our facebook page.

Phoenixville PA Location Opened.

2016 - Our first annual showcase was a "flying" success - with formations and combinations from all the students.  We have some great photos on our Facebook page.

We are so honored to get a shout out from www.aerialfabric.com. Lynn the owner was one of our consultants and instrumental for getting us set up with our equipment and rigging suggestions for our NEW Bungee Fitness Program and Teacher Training Program. Thanks Lynn for all of your help. You can also order aerial goodies and equipment from her. (If you are a teacher contact me for details.) https://aerialfabric.com/answers/recommended-aerial-yoga-studios/

Fabletics Interviewed 2 of us for Veterans Day 2016  - Read More    

In honor of Veterans Day on Saturday, November 11, we looked within our very own Fabletics family to share the incredible stories of two female military personnel—Sarah Bergstein and Zina DiTonno—who have also both been Fabletics Masters. In interviewing them, we gained invaluable insights into how their military experience shaped their world and continues to impact their lives every single day

- Read More    

Featured in Hockesin News and 302 Health. 

PRESS RELEASE  March 1, 2013  (updated March 2015)

Latest Therapeutic Yoga Has Arrived to Northern Delaware  by Zina's Organics and Wellness 

HOCKESSIN, DE | March 1, 2013 Zina DiTonno of Zina's Organics and Wellness introduces the Wilmington area to the advantages of her aerial yoga studio, settled at the intersection of Capital Trail and Meadowood. "VaihAyasa" aerial yoga is not acrobats! In fact, this recently developed style combines traditional hatha floor poses while using a hammock for therapeutic support. Aerial practice has several advantages opposed to traditional, which includes stretching and strengthening without over stressing your joints or vertebrae.  Zina's studio, Aerial Fun & Fitness offers introductory classes and private sessions. Sign up is available online at http://www.aerialfun.com

VaihAyasa is Sanskrit for being or moving in the air, suspended in the air, sky-dwellers.  This particular brand of aerial yoga allows new participants to build trust while sitting and stretching in the hammock at their own pace.  In general, participants use the hammock to counteract gravity. As a result, this combination relieves compression from the neck and spine. Other benefits include, finding proper alignment and reaping the benefits of inversions. Even "The Dr. Oz Show" featured inversions as an important health secret for your body and mind. Dr Oz highlights that inversions stretch the lower back and sends extra blood to your head which stimulates serotonin production. 

In the upcoming months, Zina will be offering a fully grounded class in her schedule too.  This class is ideal for those unsure about full aerial poses, yet wish to reap some of the benefits.  Also, an aerial fitness style class will be offered to focus on full body and core strengthening. Zina's studio can accommodate for private personal or group session which can be set up by contacting her directly.

Zina, who was recently certified at the Kaya Wellness Center in Rehoboth Beach, states that VaihAyasa Aerial yoga has many additional benefits... "it  promotes lymphatic drainage and tones your body.  Zina admits, "Aerial yoga became the answer for keeping my mind and body primed for simple everyday activities." This type of yoga practice will help women and men regain movement to feel young again.  Participants from varying ages of 25 and 72 agree, "it's fun too." 

About Zina DiTonno:

Zina DiTonno is a healthy lifestyle coach and a certified personal trainer.  She is certified in aerial yoga, yoga, weight management, and fitness.  Zina is also certified as a living foods or raw chef and instructor.    She has authored her own book, God its Good! - Food we were meant to eat and has recently co-authored the recipe book, The Green Smoothie Girls. 

The Aerial Class location is: Meadowood II Shopping Center, Newark DE 19711

Completing  a milestone she has completed her Master Training Certification,  Teacher Training's are now open.

For more information:

Zina DiTonno 

Aerial Fun and Fitness Studio