Aerial FITness

One hammock. Many styles.

Aerial Fitness fuses stretching style exercises, pilates based core moves, fun aerial challenges, strength training, balance and posture work, to help create new brain body connections. This is for those looking for something outside of the normal gym workout to stay fit or for those to use it as a great body conditioning in addition to your weight or cardio workouts.  Aerial Fitness allows for the freedom for the different design of body types, personality types and in different levels of challenge for reviving or restoration.  Aerial Fitness has a special focus on 3 dimensional movement, conditioning  and joint rotation and mobility.

This is for the woman who wants a strong core, great flexibility, poise and posture, and is open to try something new.   

This is for the man who can take a step outside the box to challenge himself, have fun with the flexibility, build muscle and solid core strength.

Aerial Fitness uses a soft hammock supporting 1,000 lbs to support and suspend the body to work with your body type using the effects of supported body weight and gravity to lengthen, strengthen, contract, extend muscles improve posture, add gentle traction effects, optional inversions, and align joints.

Why aerial fitness?  

Fun combination of something new in the fitness environment to put your body in different positions and new ways you never thought you could.  The support provided by the fabric makes using aerial silks very accessible for people of all ability levels.  Instruction is taught by passionate people, who love hearing the testimonies of better lifestyles.  Also takes into account the many types of bodies and personality types and there is truly something for everyone.  Aerial Fitness  - FIT stands for Fun-Integrated-Training. 


Aerial FITness Benefits

Benefits of aerial fitness include but not limited to:

  • spinal decompression

  • lymphatic movement

  • myo-fascial tissue / adhesion release

  • fun mental acuity

  • feeling of well being

  • core strengthening

  • upper body development

  • lower body stability

  • strengthen postural alignment muscles

  • improve spatial awareness

  • moving your body 3 dimensionally

  • joint rotation and mobility

  • muscle toning and strengthening

  • create community with others going thru the same process

  • increased circulation to the pituitary gland

  • increase fluidity and agility in daily living

  • safely experience more advanced positions and deeper poses

  • working with and against gravity  creates length or strength

  • lessen pressure on joints to improve range of motion

Classes Styles and Descriptions

 Aerial Fitness Intro Series -  For those just starting out a 3 to 4 week series.  This class sets thesafety foundation and learning how you use the fabric. Think of stretching with fabric support, and learning fun. progressions.  Safe for all levels. All welcome.  One Intro before attending other classes is recommended. 

 Aerial Fitness Intro/Stretch--  Taking it to the next phase and building on the 7 wraps you learned in the Intro class.  Enter into improvements in your stability, progression, flexibility, core and upper body strength. Can attend this without Intro, Safe for all levels. All welcome.

Aerial Fitness Kids  6 to 8 Parent / Child and  8 - Teen  - Using fun stories, themes, and props just for kids.  This is truly a kids program nto just a fast paced mixed level class.  This was developed by our own Heather Healy.

Aerial Fitness Dance - developed by our own Heather Healy.  Prereq. 1 to 3 Intro Classes before attending.

Aerial Fitness Restore / Gentle —Low hammock 6 to 18 inches off the ground for added grounding, longer stretching, core, toning, and balance.  Safe for any level, All welcome. 

Aerial Fitness Mixed Level — Taking it to the next level (levels 1 and 2) with more physical challenges, deeper wraps, and fun.  Must have 1 to 3 classes of Aerial Fitness Intro/Stretch to attend or permission from Instructor. 

Aerial Fitness Fusion Level — Level 2/3 class.  Lots of movement, flips, flows and combinations to challenge you mentally and physically.  Must have 7+  classes of Aerial Mixed to attend or permission from Instructor. 

 Aerial Fitness Barre — This is fitness based class is geared toward a faster pace for those who want extra cardio training along with all the other benefits of aerial fitness. 1 to 3 classes of Aerial FIT Stretch to attend or permission from Instructor. 

Aerial Fitness Suspended Aerial-batics — Mostly Air time, with transitions taken in the hammock rather than the floor. Think gymnastics style of workout. Must have climbing, deep lunges and planking skills. Intermediate to advanced class.  Prereq. is 7+ Aerial Fitness Mixed Level Fusion classes, test out or permission from Instructor.

Specialty workshops and classes




  • Aerial Fitness gave me confidence to go thru a tough time in my life.
  • My body is definitely better shaped.
  • Strength improved, I power-washed my deck and wasn't sore.
  • In just a couple of weeks Aerial Fitness Stretch increased my hip mobility better than anything else I have tried.
  • Off medications and feel like a new person, wait I  am a new person.
  • Haven't had lower back pain since coming to class.
  • My Kids are calmer.